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        In 1990s ,the company developed the drug ‘YUNKE’ succeessfully. It is one of two nuclide drugs developed in our country since 1960s(the else all are imported or modeled medicaments).


        YUNKE is the first nuclide medicament to cure the rheumatoid arthritis. It awarded the government invention patent (ZL 94113006.1) and the certificate of ‘ State Important New Product’.


        Certificated by SFDA in 2001, YUNKE could be used as common chemistry medicine in clinic.


        Through the scientific research cooperation with over 100 national institutions, it has been validated that YUNKE can reduce  significant manifold cell level significant, include IL-1, IL-6, TNF-α, MMP3 and soon, by the unique mechanism to adjust the immunity function. Furthermore, it can recover the bone lacuna and joint function via prohibit activity of osteoclast and while facilitating the division osteoblast.


        The side-effect of YUNKE was few and gentle than the common used Anti-RA drugs. Through follow up of part patients for 3 years, it was found that YUNKE has not side function to digestive system liver and kidney as common used Anti-RA drugs. The clinic uses of 100,000 patients proved YUNKE is very safe for RA treatment.


        Over 10 years clinic uses, it was proved that the total cure rate was over 85%, the patients life quality improved greatly, part of labourless patients can do something by themselves in dayly life after treatment with YUNKE.


        YUNKE used broad to cure the immunity and bone disease, such as RA, AS, GO, ANFH and metastasis bone.

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