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      /Speech by leader


       Message From the President:
      Chengdu Yunke Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(CYPC), reorganized from the Chengdu Isotope Application Institute of the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC). CYPC is a high-tech innovational enterprise which majors in the researching the drug of radionuclidic therapy, and brings along other diagnostic nuclear medicine and therapeutic nuclear medicine. Currently, the CYPC is the third in vivo radiopharmaceuticals supplier.
      We will continuously enhance our comprehensive scientific research capabilities and technical level, cultivate key competitive ability, promote the innovation in science and technology, management, system organization and operation mechanism and develop the culture having special characteristics of CYPC, accept the challenges with a flourishing attitude, march towards an international first class institute and bravely scale the height and create resplendence again for the development of nuclear physic career.
      On behalf of staff of CYPC,I would like to extend our cordial thanks and nice greetings to the leaders of different ranks and the colleagues and friends home and abroad who have given concerns and supports to our work. Let’s strengthen the exchanges and cooperation, create a brilliant future together.
      President of CYPC: LI Mingqi


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